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Green Solutions

Technology has advanced over the years and we would like to introduce you to modern, cost effective ways to save energy and MONEY!

We often hear that the best way to save electrical energy and money is by getting a Solar Panel System for your house. While in some cases this may be the right solution, in most cases the inital investment and the cost of maintenance and monitoring just aren't cost effective. We'd like to show you some alternatives that we can help you with or you can even do yourself to really save you energy and money.

  • Replace existing bulbs with LED bulbs. New LED bulbs are dimmable and come in different color outputs to match current incandescent bulbs. Replace you current recessed low voltage or incandescent trims with LED retrofit trims and start saving money.
  • Install dimmers for your lighting. They cut power consumption and are available in remote control and programable versions.
  • Consider low wattage electric infrared heaters. These heaters are meant to maintain temperatures and are safe, quiet, and low cost to maintain.

What we can offer you are simple and basic retrofits to your existing home. Save almost about 86% of your lighting bill with Green Solutions.

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